Feeding, import and widespread distribution of calcium phosphates

This sector in a few years has brought Borghi S.p.A. to remarkable and flattering goals both nationally and in Europe.
The main activity, in addition to trading, is the import and the widespread distribution of calcium phosphates for the livestock sector.

Thanks to the close collaboration with our partners, the production, which is made in Tunisia by chemical synthesis from orthophosphoric acid, has reached high quality standards up to the highest recognition in terms of certifications, obtaining GMP + CERTIFICATION.

Logistics is guaranteed by the coastal deposit, also GMP + certified, located at the port of Ravenna. The ships dock directly at the dock of our partner and are unloaded directly in dedicated warehouses (if in big bags) or in dedicated silos (if in bulk).

The structure has a qualified control department.adopting the most up-to-date regulations, it guarantees safety, traceability, environmental protection and quality.

This organization allows us to deliver promptly and to satisfy any need of our customers.
We presume to say that we put passion into everything we do…

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