Raw material for industry

Borghi SpA is one of the major leader on the italian market for trading and distribution of several raw materials.

Thanks to the acquisition of new highly qualified collaborators and to the experience gained in the sector, Borghi Spa ranks among the leading leaders on the Italian market in the distribution and trading of various raw materials.

Rapidity, experience, quality together with many years of knowledge of supply markets, allow our company to satisfy all customer requests and needs.

Main Products:

  • acrylic acid
  • anhydrous citric acid – monohydrate
  • anhydrous ammonia
  • ammonium chloride
  • APTS
  • cobalt oxide and selenium metal
  • formic acid
  • metal alloys
  • magnesium nitrate and magnesium sulfate
  • melamine
  • metabisulfite and sodium bisulfate
  • oxoalcohol
  • phosphoric acid
  • phosphoric anhydride
  • potassium hydroxide
  • sodium sulfite
  • sodium metal
  • soda ash(dense and light) and sodium bicarbonate (feed grade and technical)
  • urea coated / uncoated (AD BLUE)

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